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Pdf Documentation Available?


After grumbling in my first post on these forums, I can now be all smiles and say I have an EZ-B V4 controller and camera in my hands, which will be running a Lynxmotion Johnny 5 robot:) Thanks for shipping the parts to me.

I'd like to bench test the controller first before connecting it to my 'bot.

I appreciate that there is a lot of documentation/videos on this site, but I'm keen for some printable documentation - any PDFs I can download? Specifically on ARC and EZ-B pinout, setup information.




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Hi @Byrd You certainly can!

You can access the direct link here

Or you can just go to the Learn section of the website and go to Step 9.

Hope that helps!
Thanks, Jeremie!
It would be nice to have all the online documentation in a downloadable PDF for each Learn Section (Robot). I think this would be great for all these new customers your going to be getting from the Brookstone orders and other places to. Just an idea...

Although you obviously lose the video components, if you use Google Chrome and "print" the learn pages, one of the printer choices is "save to PDF".

I know this doesn't totally answer your request of having a place to download the PDFs, but is a decent workaround for those of us who like having written documentation we can refer back to when needed.