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Paranormal Rad-Drone Update

Hey there peeps! Was a while since I made any progress reports here in the Forum on the paranormal adventures using the camera-drone,Rad bot! LOL! I find that if I tell people I have a small "camera drone" the owners of the haunted locations let me in with the rad-bot! If I ask about bring my "robot" they will tend to say no. I guess if the U.S. Army uses "drones" that sounds more scientific than the word "robot" So now I always call it drone-cam and it sounds less like a toy and more professional I'm guessing! Well I can honestly say that the EZB4 has survived all summer so far,even when it flops over on it's back or tips over sideways the EZB will survive all kinds of harsh conditions and running an all nighter shift at some locations.Mostly the evidence of catching EVP voices is real folks,Visually so far mostly just colored orbs or weird floating sparks of light that are sometimes hard to tell if simply dust,bugs or possibly fire flies if outside.The weirdest was still the big blue blob of light that seemed to attack the robot and caused the EZB to stop responding at the same time. So thank you again everyone for building an excellent robot controller at EZ robot store! Still having a blast using this new tech and adding more sensors every pay day.One final thought ,beware of doing what I do,it;s not all fun and games going to real haunted places and having the bot asking questions to the unknown disembodied voices.I may have taken something home as i sometimes hear loud foot steps coming from the ceiling but above me is just an old movie theater locked up nobody supposed to be there! eek LOL! Take care everyone!


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Hey i was thinking about you yesterday when i was looking at a chassis for a certain project..anyway it made me think about your last adventure and that very weird but uber cool blob of blue light.:P

Yes you have to be careful with that kind of thing, if you think you have taken a spirit back with you, get a buddhist monk to bless your house.:)

So above you is an old movie theater..? :P

Thats very cool...let me know if you hear an old projector wheel turning in the middle of the night!:P

You put your robot up there yet?


Hey there, I called my Landlord about hearing somebody walking around up there, Hopefully he comes by to look up there as he stated before that no one is allowed up there and it is locked up. If it is just a hobo squatter up there we will soon know!