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That is pretty amazing.
I like her smile after she accomplished giving herself a drink:)
Yeah, my mother (never diagnosed) was in a wheel chair and lost use of legs and hands. Well not so much hands but fingers. But she still loved to play cards, I used to make things for her to help her hold the cards or sit them in front of her.

Crazy how technology has progressed.
i see that and more,where the place a chip in your mind and can move robotic hands ,legs and more with your mind
there is a few mind headsets that uses your thoughts and use it to control robots
software is about $40 and can control many robots ,like wowwee robots,rovio and more
headset is $350 and then there is another with free software are called NEROSKY MINDSET HEADSET
cost of headset $200
i bought this idea up to DJ about adding another inferface to both or just one type
both use EEG design witch i made in college long time ago