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Operating Through Remote Networks

Greetings, Using chrome remote desktop with success for ez robot features . It seems for my purposes the Ps3 game controller operates (in network) the best for our beloved robot presently named Noisy Boy. Can't seem to get the game controller to operate on a remote network and computer. Both computers are set up with the app and the same controller. Could it be that the USB connections (ports) don't match ? I apologise in advance for the much needed enlightenment. Warmly, Greg Please respond as though your talking to a two year old, Robot in client mode.

PSS Noisy Boy has 2 electrical systems 12v (stepped down) and 48v x 2. Was hoping to enhance the wifi broadcast gateway with a on board bridge to get through the ballistic kevlar and carbon fiber skin. Looking for 12v (light) off the shelf system for symplicity.


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@Mastersailor I apologize that we haven't got back to you!

I think the trouble is that not many of us have experience with remote systems, and even fewer have tried using USB devices remotely. I don't have experience with either of them myself but I believe that @thetechguru might.

I am unsure if it will help you but I have stumbled upon some software called "USB Network Gate" that seems to offer the support you are looking for. I don't have any experience with it so I can't say how well it works or if it's even legit but my hope is that it helps you in your journey to figure out what going on.


Thank you profusely both Jeremie and Alan unfortunately the less expensive option does not come in windows 10 version. I think the words Network Gate have me on the straight and narrow. I feel guilty asking questions and having it cost EZ money. Although many loose ends have to be brought together I have been asked if I would consider manufacturing and selling this robot. What forum should that be discussed? Warmly, Greg

Thank you for your help.


Re- manufacturing and selling your robot. I would use the Contact Us link to discuss with EZ-Robot. See this clause from the Terms of Use: "Commercial (for-profit) use requires written permission from EZ-Robot Inc."

They have certainly made arrangements with users here to allow the the commercial use of EZ-B, EZ-Bits, and ARC, but you need to discuss the terms of that use with them.



@mastersailor ...Can you show us what noisy boy looks like? Dying of curiosity!:D


Thank you redhotchilichopper I will give this a try. Chelsea, He, (Noisy Boi), this name is somewhat more controversial, does not have his skin on and would be embarrassed to be naked and afraid on the internet. I can tell you , he, without his accessories, is over 7 foot long. He is designed to perform work. His body is ultra light and ultra strong. Will send a pic a little further along with the build.