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Omni Wheel And Mecanum Wheel Control Panel Idea.

This one is for DJ, I'm working on a Wowwee Tribot with three omni wheels mounted 120 degrees apart. I was wondering if you have any plans on putting and Omni wheel control panel in EZ-Builder, I was thinking you could select between a three or four wheel configuration. It would have forward, reverse, left, right, and stop like the other movement panels, but add spin left and spin right functions. In my case I'm not sure if I'm going to use servos or motor controllers at this point. Another thing came to mind while I was thinking about drive mechanisms was the Mecanum wheels. I would love to see that control panel also with the same functions as the Omni wheel. I have seen a full size forklift with those wheels and it was almost like a mechanical ballet. Thanks.!

Larry O


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