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Old Controller Wanted To Buy

Hello again everyone.

I have a new project coming up and I would like to use the EZB kit.

However since there are no boards available right now I was looking to purchase an old controller board v3.

Any one out there have one ?


Woody :D


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I have the complete kit for $299 plus shipping. It includes the upgraded Class 1 bluetooth module.

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Thanks for the response Doc but I am just looking for the controller.

Plus I am going to strip off the blue tooth and put on a USB to Serial board.

Do you want to just sell the controller ?


These V3 boards will begin to become collectors items. I think I'll just hold on to it.


As soon as the V4 pre-orders are actually shipping I am sure there will be a lot of V3's going up for fire-sale prices, but right now, I think Robot-Doc's kit is the only one on the market.



Ok Doc can we make a deal ?:)


Lets take this offline, send me an email with your mailing address and I can calculate shipping. I take paypal. Go to my "User Details" for the email address.