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Og Droid 1

Hey guys,
I found my old Droid the other day and I want to harvest the parts. I found a good video on how to get it apart, I'm just waiting on a screwdriver to come home today. But I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience using any of these parts? Or any cell phone parts actually?

The touch screen has a dead zone but it is still a real nice color screen. That's the only thing that was wrong with it and it was upgrade time so I just put it away and forgot about it. But I was reading an Arduino book and the author mentioned harvesting the vibration motors from an old cell phone so I'm just gonna piece it all out.

Anyway if there are some of you out there with experience with this I'd appreciate any info you'd care to share.



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I saw something recently about using modern cell phone screens as small pc monitors. Probably on hackaday or makeuseof or make magazine. I'll try to find the article tomorrow. It was within the past 6 weeks.

Would be great for an embedded computer.

The vibration motor can be used to make a brushbot.

Or, if the WiFi still works on the droid, just use it as a remote control for the bot rather than for parts. Alan
That's a mighty fine idea! Thank you. Wifi, cam, gps, keypad, and everything on it works, just no service and the dead strip on the touch grid. I've just so focused on tinkering lately, my first instinct was to harvest it for parts so I can learn how to connect those parts to other parts. I've been boning up on my basic fundamentals. I like knowing how things work. (My screwdriver forgot to come home today;) ) I might keep it intact now.

I look forward to your link. Thanks again.
I have a desk charging dock and might still have a car dock for the og droid. Email me your snail mail address if you want them: alan@thetechguru.net

Hey Alan, I got your package today. Thank you so much for the goodies.:):):)
My pleasure. I hope some of it is useful to you.
Yes, after you reminded me of the nifty web server I loaded up a new project and tested it out a little bit. I was very happy. Everything laid out to where the dead zone doesn't affect the performance. Things laid out real well. Thanks again for saving me from probably ruining my device.