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Nkh "Robot Revolution" Documentary

I guess we aren't the only ones recognizing that we have a Revolution on our hands!:)

We are definitely in the age of practical Robotics, it's awesome to see more development across the globe on humanoid robotics. Maybe some good can still come out of such horrible disasters such as the Fukushima Daiichi plant. I'm really excited to see what the EZ-Robot community will contribute to this ever expanding field!


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The rise of House Draconis begins!
Lol, well it's official we are on the brink of a "Revolution", here's yet another documentary by the BBC from this year that suggests the same idea!

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Yes, I believe that the revolution is about to start now and the reason is computing power that has enabled vision and Ai to be realised. I still remember the heady days of the early Eighties where a lot of people thought the robot revolution had started, there was the (Heathkit) Hero robots, (Androbot Inc) Topo, and RB5X robots and many more. The problem was that they just did not have the functionality then no killer applications like the PC revolution had with the spreadsheet and word processor software, so they failed to live up to peoples expectations of what a personal robot should do.

Vision was always the key, if a robot can recognise an object then it no longer has to operate in a structured environment. Send it to a fridge to get a Diet Coke and it picks the right can!

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This is why I am putting so much development into vision systems. Its a good time to be at the forefront of the new Personal Robotics industry and its good to have visionaries like DJ involved.