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Newbie To Ez-Robot

Hi Everybody! I am new to EZ-Robot i have had a bit of exposure to robotics. My goal is to create a DIY robot. If you guys have any suggestions or tutorials that you have found, that would be amazing!

Hey, i'm something of an ez robot noob as well but ive been playing around with the ezb v4 for about six months now and i can say its easy to use, very powerful and a huge amount of fun. As far as tutorials go, the ezrobot website alone has more categorized lessons available than you could hope for. Also, there are a ton tutorials posted by other users where you can find alot of useful stuff which can be applied to DIY. Oh, and check out the forums for sure. Thats where yer going to find people discussing, problem solving, and hopefully sparking new ideas. Really, everything you need is all under one roof ?? good luck