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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

New User - Can't Get A Wireless Connection

I just received my developer kit and I am unable to get a Wireless Connection. I plug in the EZ-B, it goes thru it's enable and begins to flash blue. I go to my Wireless Connection bar and see the EZ-B listed. I click on it and try to connect at which point it tries to connect, then says Windows was unable to connect to EZ-B4 ---- . I run diagnostics but it fails. I repeated the steps as shown in the video and Windows diagnostics, but no luck.

I am running Windows 7 on a ASUS Desktop. My computer skills are low level, so please stay basic so I can get this running.

Any advice? I am looking forward to using my new control but am stuck on the Starting Line.. *stress* *confused*:(


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@ANDY ROID, are you running the network and wireless connections together. In other words do you have the network cable (Cat 5/6) plugged into your laptop and enabled?
Hi pacowang,

No cables are connected to the computer, just the wireless.
Just so you know, Steve and TheTechGuru are sending you down what I believe is the correct path. Have you connected to the EZ-B with the Android yet?

If that doesn't work, do you the ability to plug a network cable in from your PC/laptop to your router?

Either of these two would allow you to configure the EZ-B in client mode, and most probably solve the issue you are having.
Hello to Alan and all helping,

OK .. I connected to the EZ-B with my phone,

status connected
security none
Signal very strong
link speed 54mbps
IP address
proxy none
IP setting DHCP

I went to and have no idea which to pick to get to look at what I need. any advice.. also I never mentioned I am connected to my tv through ROKU. Possible conflict here? How can I confirm my router is still not set for a direct wired computer which may have been used 3 years ago. (computer is disconnected now).
on the android, open a web browser. Connect to From there
use this guide.

wifi modes

start at 3:30 in the video.

Put the robot in Client Mode and then you should be able to connect to it from your PC in ARC.

Give credit for the answer to thetechguru.
Once the web page ( comes up click on the Wifi Client mode button... Then enter the SSID (name of your wifi network) and then the pass word... Then save... the ezb will reboot and if you did it correctly the flashing blue LED on the ezb will now be flashing green... Once you get this done we can try and get you connected to ARC...
United Kingdom
Great. You now need to click on WiFi Client mode.

User-inserted image

Then enter the information it asks for. Then follow the steps outlined in post #10.

Connection tutorial.
Excellent that the Android worked. that means your EZ-B is good, and the D-Link USB WiFi adapter you are using may have the same issue as the RALink radios.

We'll be able to get you up and running in client mode.

Hi Alan,

I Thank you and all that are helping, again.

I am still confused about getting to the address ( Do I have to load the EZ software in the phone? then do the setup in the EZ-B? ( Have I mentioned my computer and internet knowledge SUCKS ) . I assume by your answers we are getting closer.
United Kingdom
No. Once connected to client mode using your phone, You need to open ARC on the computer you want to use, as your EZ-B is now connected to your router. Once you have the client mode bit sorted, open ARC and use the scan tool in the connection control icon that looks like a mini cell phone tower to locate your ezb. If it finds your EZ-B's IP address you will hear a chime. Press "Stop" wait a couple of seconds then press "Connect". Hopefully you will hear the EZ-B chime again to confirm it's connected.

What basically happens now is that your EZ-B and computer will meet in the middle (the router), connect to each other, and hopefully play nice with each other.
All your doing with your phone is going to a web page like any other web page, only this one is the web server of the ezb4... follow the steps below...

1) Connect to the ezb with your phone
2) Open your phone's web browser and type in
2) The ezb web server will come up
4) Locate the Client Wifi button on that web page and click on it
5) It will ask you to enter your SSID (network name) and pass word
6) Press save and you done with using your phone
Just to give you a bit of clarity as to why you are doing this...

AP mode means that the ez-b is acting as a network and isnt a part of your wifi network that your computer is currently using.

Client mode means that the ez-b is connected to your network and is a part of your wifi network.

Client mode allows anything that is connected to your network to see the EZ-B. AP mode only allows devices (such as your cell phone right now) to connect to your EZ-B and only see the EZ-B (not totally correct but for this issue it is). By default, the EZ-B ships in AP mode because it is impossible for EZ=Robot to know your network configuration.

You computer is connecting in Client mode to your router which allows it to see everything on your network. By putting your EZ-B in Client mode (putting it on your network) your computer should have no issue connecting to it. This is done by following the directions that have been listed earlier in this thread.

This can be done from your android or other Smart Phone. I have to do this because my home network is on the 192.168.1.x network so the default IP address conflicts with my router. It could be handled differently but it is just as easy to configure the EZ-B (with a smart phone) to be in Client mode and thus on my network resolving the conflict.

The network will assign the EZ-B a new IP address. This is based on your network configuration, so you will now have to find the device on your network. ARC can be told to search for the EZ-B on your network by launching ARC and clicking the little radio/cell tower image that is to the right of the first connection in the Connections component which should be on the top left side of ARC.

It was great to hear her sweet voice say I have a connection. The scan for a new address and the connection all went well. Software is up and running.

I really Thank All of You. thetechgruru, Steve G, and d.cochran thanks for sticking it out with me and Richard R the help at the end. Technopro and pacowank thanks for the input...

Be Well :D:D:D
United Kingdom
Fantastic. That's great news. Don't worry about your computer skills. You will improve in no time. We all had to start somewhere, right? Anyway happy building.:)
@ANDY ROID Sweeeet! another EZ Robot addict... I mean user...:P
Woo Hoo!

You will need to pick which one of us helped most and mark this as resolved or you will get daily emails from the forum reminding you forever....

Unfortunately, no way to spread the credit around when we each contributed something.

Good job man. The fun (and addiction) begins. Go ahead and make another order for you next EZ-B as it will be no time before you want another one:)
No problem. The good thing is you learned some stuff along the way which you can use in the future!
Where and when did you purchase the EZ-Robot? Also, can you let me know the firmware version number that is presented when you log into the EZ-B HTTP Web Interface?

User-inserted image

I bought the Developer kit from Maker Shed and received it two days ago, The tag on the box says: 89008001000
mfg date 2014-7-31

I just connected to the page you asked and there is no version information listed.

Hope this helps.

I was able to connect and have a green light today, so all seems well.