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New Ez-B(3) Developers Kit Up For Sale

Fellow EZ-B'ers. I have one complete never used EZ-B version 3 developers kit that includes a Class 1 Bluetooth modification to the EZ-Board. It has been flashed with the version 16 firmware but not used for anything but testing the Class 1 Bluetooth connection ability. I'm offering this complete kit for $235 (Original Price) plus $60 Class 1 Bluetooth mod). I'll accept paypal or a personal check for $300 including $5 USPS shipping (Domestic only). Note: Class 1 Bluetooth increases operational range from 10 meters (30 feet) to 100 meters (300 feet)

If interested contact me via email here : e_vickery(at)BellSouth(Dot)Net

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Times running short if someone wants this under the tree.
I would buy it. Will you ship to Canada?
vhs896Shipping 2 lbs 4 Oz to Canada is $16.50 plus the $295.
Ok, no response from vhs896, so the EZ-Robot developers kit has been listed on ebay.
Do you still have this for sale?
Sorry for not updating this thread. The kit has been purchased by vhs896.