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Asked — Edited

Need V8.5 Ez Builder

i think i need an earlyer version of ez build coz i can't connect to v15
plus keep gettingerr msg on ez update
Attempting connection to COM3
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V8.5
Usending ping
Usending ping
Usending bootloader
Failed to load bootloader!
any advise


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sorry don't mean to be rude just getting frustrated,
so how do i fix it
When you power the EZ-B, you have red and blue flash?

When you press the CONNECT button in ARC for COM4, does the RED led stop flashing for a second? And the blue continues to flash?
YES exactly what happens
i know i'm being thick
sorry. but it was a prezzy from my wife
and don't want her to be dissapointed
Haha, just follow the instructions in your avatar: Don't panic.:P
cheers *blush* Niek
i just might have to change it but not yet.
thanks everyone for your patience *tired*
your not the only one having issues ....

got the builder up with bluetooth easy easy part.
then i got asked to upgrade, which i followed after that i havent been able to get the program to find it.
though removing it and finding it under bluetooth still no problem

error i get :
Attempting connection to COM10
Connection Failed: System.IO.IOException: A device attached to the system is not functioning.

at System.IO.Ports.InternalResources.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String str)
at System.IO.Ports.SerialStream..ctor(String portName, Int32 baudRate, Parity parity, Int32 dataBits, StopBits stopBits, Int32 readTimeout, Int32 writeTimeout, Handshake handshake, Boolean dtrEnable, Boolean rtsEnable, Boolean discardNull, Byte parityReplace)
at System.IO.Ports.SerialPort.Open()
at EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String portName)

linvor - is set to com10. so that isnt the problem.

below is what i get when trying to verify image
Warning: Line 2: Fixing Diff: 4
Warning: Line 676: Skipping Type: 4
Warning: Line 677: Impossible Diff: -10780
Address: 0x0, SB Size: 0x5438
Image OK

BT LED gose solid for 2 seconds then flashes
EZ B just keeps flashig
this is msg i get
Attempting connection to COM7
Comm Err: The operation has timed out.
BbytesToExpect: 1

Connection Failed: System.Exception: Controller Not Responding
at EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String portName)
Can you remove the bluetooth module, it is located on the top of the black silicon chip. It should just slide out of the plug. Then re-add it by ensuring that the 4 center pins go into the female plug (leaving one pin on either side not connected).

And if you have a camera, can you post a picture of the bottom of the EZ-B so i can see the solder joints? I'd like to verify that there are no accidently solder shorts or missing joints.

If the red light stops flashing, that means a connection has been made with the bluetooth module. If the blue light does not stop flashing, that means there is a communication disconnection between the bluetooth module and the IC.

It's happened a few times before by a faulty solder point. However, all boards are tested before shipped. If the joint broke during shipping vibrations because it wasn't 100%, that can be expected.
thanks for taking the time to help i,ll e mail some pictures
the geek shall inherit the earth
(it was a typo in the good book)
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Check the solder joints in the circle aren't touching

User-inserted image
lucky i got magnifying glass
yes all three are touching but not bottom half of
ringed solder joint

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
If it was me I would use a soldering iron and suck off all the excess solder with a solder sucker then it would be easy to see what should be connected together and what shouldn't. These are the pins to the Bluetooth module and it definately looks like this is the area where the problem is.

Perhaps someone else can jump in here if they have the same connections on their board mine is different looks like yours is a 3.1?

I like Gibraltar btw been a few times
thanks @winstn60

has anyone got a picture of what it should look like
i don't want to just jump in with my soldering iron
and where i live its hard to find a good electronics shop
i have to go to spain for stuff
still having trouble can anybody help *stress*
United Kingdom

Just need a close up pic of the underside of the EZ-B board where the Bluetooth module is plugged in

Looking at your pic again the +5v should be bridged with a spot of solder but it looks like they used too big a blob of solder and it is touching the solder land next to it. Just heat it up with your soldering iron and drag it clear but leave the +5v lands bridged you cant really damage it
United Kingdom
What I said above. Your pic (circled) shows the +3.3v bridging lands they look ok its the one below the +5v thats touching the land next to it and shouldn't be.

It should still be bridged though
ok thaks i'll take the plunge tomorrow
i'll let you know