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Need Some Shipping Relief

I'd love to buy some jumpers from the online store here. I popped em in my cart and started the checkout. Shipping was over $21USD. For a $9 item that weighs nothing. So I can't buy them. These shipping costs prohibit me from spending my money here.

Any word on boosting your Amazon presence? Your distributors don't seem to carry your full product lines.


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You can easily get jumpers at Amazon, frys, microcenter, or most hobby shops. EZ-R carries them as a convenience for their customers, but only make sense as an add-on to an order.

How many jumpers do you need? I could probably sparea a few from my toolbox.



Thanks Alan. I did buy some on Amazon. It's not so much that I can't find them, more of an observation. I had it in my cart and deleted it, no sale. That's not good for a business.

My projects are rarely of the type where I buy everything up front. More like many micro transactions as I go. Thanks for the offer though!