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Need Help To Setup Full Serial Interface Without Using I2c

Another posting brought up the request for ARC based interfacing to Aurdino boards. Understandably it is not going to happen as they require their own not-so-ez-programming.

I still feel that full interfacing of the EZ-B to all other electronic devices can be beneficial, regardless of said devices origin, LED, sensor or another micro-controller. And yes programming may be required, be it EZ-Script or whatever mumbo jumbo the other device may use:P but the actual interface link seems to be my stumbling block right now.

So anyhow, I want to setup some simple home automation control but do not want my $136 EZ-B permanently regulated to light switch duty:) however, I do want to interface my simple home automation with my Gunnerator (my EZ-Bs current permanent posting) so that he can have fun "flipping switches" for me and even adjust programmed scheduling based on his own requirements. I don't have any of those "A word" devices, but I do have an old Rabbit 2000 micro-controller that uses serial interface, so I started digging around looking for ideas to interface it with my EZ-Robot setup.

I was thinking SendSerial should work to transmit to the Rabbit, but not sure how to read serial data back. There does not appear to be a ReadSerial or simple alternative?. which does seem strangely limiting! and I2C will not work easily with old school serial. Any other ideas out there?

Meanwhile I found this LINK that might assist me and others with a simple serial interface between EZ-robot and other micro-controller devices. But again, requires the ability to READ serial data. Am I missing something?


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