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My Tomy Omnibot 5402

Hi everyone, very happy to say my Tomy Omnibot is on the way from the USA to here in Australia.

What was great to see was after i had ordered the Tomy, i saw DJ Sures youtube footage of his Tomy, which is what eventually led me here. : )

So my plans are to make the Omnibot 100% autonomous. It's shell will be restored and i'll fit a nice lcd display where the cassette area is, and the tray will have a clear perspex cover lit up underneath with an LED light.

I want it to do many things of course, meet and greet people when they arrive, etc.

One thing i want it to do is be able to light up when ,my house has a blackout which occurs every so often where i live. I live in the hills, and when it gets windy we sometimes lose power, so i'll install some nice led lights in case i ever need them.

I want it to be a smoke alarm, detect air quality, dangerous chemicals, etc.

It's something i'm really looking forward to developing, learning along the way and eventually creating something i've always wanted.

I have another robot i'm going to upgrade once it has arrived, i'll share that one soon.

I'm new to robotics, funny thing is i remember drawing robots when i was young, i drew them a lot, so now in this day and age i can't wait to get into robotics and revive the old Omnibot into something awesome.

I would be wrapped to hear anyone's suggestions or thoughts, etc. I'm still deciding on what to get in regards to ez-robot software, etc, still need to delve into that a little more.

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Plus i have this little guy on the way:D User-inserted image

Open to ideas as what to do with this one, maybe mount it onto a Roomba?


Sounds like you are ready for some fun! I can honestly say you picked the best robot Platform with EZ Robot! Learning how to program using the EZ software is well....Easy! ;)


Oh for sure, the only hobby i've had for the past few years has been fpv racing drones, it took over my life for awhile, so happy to have found something else i'm greatly interested in.

Its an awesome platform i think also, will be very tricked out once finished for i love led lights and lcd displays, etc. : )


Very cool, I am also working on a different very large RC 4 wheel drive vehicle that would make a great outdoors robot as it has giant wheels and ran with a 19 volt battery pack,had amazing rc long range. Turning it into a fast moving robot will be wild!


That will be awesome, i'm wanting to do the same with a rock crawler chassis, but will split the chassis in two and extend it, can climb stairs easily also. : )


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do you guys know anyone that can repair the omnibot in Sydney I need a new plug for charging and it seems to have a mind of its own