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Asked — Edited

Ms Kinect Sensor

Has anyone experimented with the EZ-b and Kinect?


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thanks I noticed that DJ is working on something in another post that will bring in a control for the Kinect:) can't wait!
I'll check that out also, wanted to try something with one of those later.
Hi tklass, yes DJ has one and no doubt trying to work out how to hook it up to the EZ-b, there is a bit of code involved but my understanding is that it's .net Framework and C# or C++ compatable. It's been hooked up and used with other Boards (well known generic ones) so there is no reason the EZ-B should miss out.
It will be absolutely fantastic...fingers crossed..:D
Awesome, I have developer friends at Xbox as I used to work for MS. If there are questions related to the SDK I would be happy to send it to them.