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Motor (Drvmotr1270 & 1271) Hub Help

Hi Folks,

I have wheelchair motors (dvrmotr1270 & 1271) to use for my bot. Here is a pair on Ebay:

Anyone know where I can buy hubs that will fit on these shafts? I found a couple different ones here:



They both look right but I have no idea what is different about them or if they will work with my motors. My motors have 17mm shafts with 6mm keyways.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks Guys!



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They appear to be identical except for one hub is Metric and the other Imperial.

The more I read the forums, the more I am becoming convinced that an old motorized wheelchair base is the way to go for my future large robot project. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
United Kingdom
GO for the metric . it's got all the same size's as your motor shaft. EZ

@Gunner . Big stuff is cool .


PS 24volt wheelchair motors are so powerfull they can pull your house down . And can be powered by a sabertooth 2x25 no prob.
I bought the metric ones and they fit perfectly. Thanks!
United Kingdom
hI gwen

I love the big (and not so big) robots that are being built on this site.
DJ has made it so EZ.