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Mini Mod To The Ezb(4)

For those EZB(4) users that have a vertical clearance challenge, there are a couple of things that can be done to shorten the amount of vertical space occupied by your new version 4 EZB.

First you can remove the outer shell and gain some additional space. Second you can remove the original Mini Deans power connector, then modify a new min-dean connector by bending the contacts 90 degrees and solder it into place. This effort will also provide you with just a little more vertical clearance for your project effort.

User-inserted image

This image shows the original Deans connector on your EZB(4)

User-inserted image

This image shows the original Deans connector removed and the new deans connector with the power pins bent into a 90 degree angle.

User-inserted image

This image shows the modified Deans connector installed into the EZB(4)


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Oh, I like it :-)) I have not so much space in my robot. It's a nice idea, thanks :-)
Cool idea! I like it!