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Machine Learning Coursera Class, Matlab, And Ez-B Platform

Hello All,

So I have been taking a course through called Machine Learning from Andrew NG at Stanford University.

In the course he says a fast way to prototype machine learning algorithms is to use Matlab.

So I read about other connecting the EZ-B with Matlab and think it's great to see it is possible.

Think of how amazing it would be to take in data through your robot and put it through interesting machine learning algorithms to have some output get better and better over time through learning from it's error.

I guess this note is to just spread the word about the Machine Learning Coursera class and also to see if anyone has connected to Matlab and run some Machine Learning algorithms?


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Hi Feroze,

I took the course "Control of Mobile Robots" by Magnus Egerstedt.

link: Control of Mobile Robots - Coursera

Very interesting and also uses MathLab. I can recommend this one.