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Asked — Edited

Love My New Roli, But A Question?

I recently got a Roli for myself and my kids to play with. They (and I) love it.

One question, though. When driving around the drive makes a loud clicking noise, and the tracks seem to slip a lot. Is there any way to tighten them up and/or reduce/remove the clicking noise?




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there a screw under the axle for adjusting the wheel height or taking the tracks of and putting the tracks in hot water to re shape the rubber can help with the slipping
Ok, thanks. I'll give that a try.

Any ideas for the clicking noise?
that my friend might take a bit more surgery or at least an exploratory look inside, could be something as simple as a lose wheel hub grub screw to a faulty motor gear (which I doubt). maybe someone else could jump in
Some friction tape around the drive wheels really helps keep the wheels from slipping (if the electric section of any hardware store). Not sure about the clicking, like @bborastero said, you might need to open some things up to try and find where it is coming from. I can confirm that the clicking is not normal.

ok, performed a little surgery on the little fella this morning, and found the problem.

The large gear in the gearbox that connects to the wheel gear on his right rear leg is broken. it looks to have two teeth missing from the inner (small) cog.

Any idea where i can find a replacement?

At least the clickiing mystery is solved....
Click on the Contact Us link, select warranty claim, and include a link to this thread and EZ-Robot will take care of you. Best if you can post a photo here so they know exactly what part you need.

Ok, After a second surgery, the little guy pulled through:)

Friction tape really helped, and thanks to the EZ-Robot team for being super fast getting replacement parts to me:)