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Looking For Omnibot 2000 Parts

Hi there! I am looking for Omnibot 2000 parts. I pretty much need: -upper arm - just the outside -upper arm gears -lower arm gears The housing of the upper arm is the most important thing I need. I am always looking for spares to fix up my other robots, so thats why I am always looking for spares such as the gears. Pls drop me a message if you happen to have anything up for sale. Regards, mike


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Only parts i have i dont need are the gears in the arm and the electronics


I could use the gears - if you dont need them, send me a message


Let me double check to see what i need and dont need,i have 3 omnibots 2000 ,one for EZB another for EZB ? and 3rd to fully restore So atleast one set may not need,need to try my design and see if i need any gears

Only bad news leaving for china for work in a few days,so it might have to wait till i get back after that trip NO MORE work :) :D


Alright! Would be great!


Looking for a spare gear:

User-inserted image

If anyone has one up for sale, pls let me know!


Still looking for spares! I am especially looking for the grey shoulder joint (still intact) , the part that conncets the upper arm to the body. Mike


hi! well, I wouldnt need the gearbox (remember josh was looking for one once). Id definetely would like the arm gears, also the head-turn mechanic. Would love one or two of those grey arm pieces.... mike


ok, after looking at your pictures I kinda realized you must have used those grey arm pieces already (or must have cut them off). do you still have one or two of those metall pieces (with screws) that hold the battery (and weight) in place?


hello anthony! do you have any leftovers? i need another few parts for my omnibot 2000. mainly the greyish arm pieces, the gear that conencts right to it inside the upper arm, the upper arm motor, and hands. anybody out there? mike


Anthony, not to boss you around(do what you like) But don't you think youll need the original parts for modeling in the autocad software? Unless you already did.


great anthony! do you still have my email-adress? regards, mike


Love the 2000 , that guy has character


still looking for parts! One of my arms just broke off while playing around with it - so I need the grey arm/torso connecotr once again. also, I need the claws with intact rubber on them.


hi ted.stilson

you have the most chance of finding info part if you look on the internet with pictures . typ in omnibot 2000 parts and see thru all the pictures .

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I’m looking for an arm and or the internals of it to finish mine.