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Logitech Joystick

I am looking into getting a logitech joystick, but I have a question. Does the Logitech joystick connect directly to the V4 EZB or does it require a computer?

I just want to make sure it can be stand alone before I purchase the joystick...


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It requires a computer. The EZ-B also requires a computer (or Android or iOS device for more limited functionality). It is not a standalone controller that you load a program onto, but a communication bridge between an application on a computer (EZ-Builder) and devices (Servos, sensors, H-bridge, etc).



If I pair the Logitech to my phone can I use it with the ez robot app?


No. The Logitech is not Bluetooth, it has a proprietary interface, and external joysticks are not currently supported in ARC mobile.