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Learning Steps

At the EZ-Robot office, I started the day trying to get a prototype of the biped robot "JD" to walk. I got as far as having him stand on one foot. It was much harder than I had anticipated as he must balance his weight while moving around. I then moved on to the hexapod (six)'s Example Project and messed around with it for some time figuring out how to make it move around. Before heading off for lunch, Dennis wanted to film my progress on JD. I had him wave a couple of times, and move around a bit. Working with the JD has made me realize that bipeds have alot of potential, but require more thought when programming.

Since I had such a hard time getting JD to walk, I wanted to design my own biped that would be simpler and have a lower centre of mass. Maybe something for beginners. I think it would be able to walk better than JD and easier to learn on. Cory (EZ-Robot's CAD designer) taught me how to use Solidworks and together we got as far as the feet and legs.

It was a busy day at the office with many people coming in for meetings with DJ and other team members. EZ-Robot has been in a lot of magazines and online articles and more are being made each week. This is a very busy group!

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Fantastic! It looks like you are in the seventh heaven. On the right track!
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