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Is there a build of ARC for Debian?

I would like to know because I just put together a Debian laptop


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Visit the Software download page here: https://synthiam.com/Software

Download the ARCPi and use it with Mono the same way as with the Pi (both are linux). Beware of the limitations - such as no speech recognition or speech synthesis, etc. Not all plugins will work. It's beta.. :)

PS, we also have a getting started guide, that you can see on the top menu of this website. I highly recommend clicking Getting Started from the top menu and checking out the guide which provides links to various software platforms and hardware platforms compatible with ARC. It's all there in the top menu for ya, have fun!

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I downloaded the software, robot should be here Friday

Windows platform is better, I agree

I spoke to a friend of yours, Dennis @ https://www.robots.education/

Very nice and knowledgeable of your products

I ordered it from him

Great - Dennis is a good! The windows operating system is designed for users, while linux is better for lightweight VM servers.