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Is My Roli Really Being Shipped From China?

Apparently my Roli has been shipped and I have a tracking number which indicates it is coming by DHL from China. Is this correct, aren't these robots made in and shipped from Canada?


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They are designed in Canada. They are manufactured in China and drop shipped from the final assembler in China.



Manufacturing costs are significantly higher in Canada than in China. We connected with 30+ facilities in Canada while sourcing a manufacturing partner. Their prices were literally 5-15 times more.

In order to launch Revolution robots at such a competitive price we had no choice but to go with a Chinese manufacturer. They do AMAZING work over there. We've been many times and are always impressed at the work environment and quality of output.

DHL also provided a great service. We ship using their express option which typically arrives within 2-3 business days.

Enjoy your Roli!