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Introduction From New Ez Robot Builder


My name is Gwen. I am a nuclear medicine technologist and member of the B9 Robot Builder's Club. A number of years back my Son and I cobbled together a life size B9 robot with a great deal of help from that club. It was a great project for both of us and we have had great fun with him for almost ten years now. We have taken our B9 (warmly dubbed 'The G-bot') to my Son's school science fair and have great fun with him each year around Halloween. We usually have him set up out in front of the house giving out candy and messing with friends and Trick or Treaters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S3EgRh_JJU Recently we enlisted the G-bot to do some campaigning for one of our local political candidates...

Anyway, (sorry too late for the long story short thing...) I find myself with a bit more time lately (pc euphemism for unfortunately being severely underemployed and empty-nester single Mom these days) and finally am getting around to upgrading the G-bot from crude tethered control to being a semi autonomous real robot. So I bought the EZ Robot kit. I am very excited and hope to have him patrolling in front of the house at Halloween this year. What a surprise that will be for our yearly regular Trick or Treaters!

I have a basic electronics background (very basic c.1979...) along with my nuc med schooling and will be trolling for help and support on this forum from time to time.

My first quest for help will be posted to the hardware section shortly as I seek to learn if anyone has ever successfully connected a Pride Jet3 Wheelchair controller (or similar) to the EZ Robot board. (I have a complete such wheelchair and plan to use it to complete the G-bot's drive section.)

All the best,

Gwen Meunier


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Welcome aboard, Gwen. You will find lots of good things here at the EZ-Robot site.

Wow, G-Bot look great! now I will never get any work done today... watching all the videos:)

Yep, it it official in my books, you are a supermom!


New Zealand
Hi Gwen, great to see you here and willing to get involved.

I have a student who is trying to create an ez-b based robot arm to attach to his friends wheelchair... I think he was hoping to use the on board batteries as a power supply...

He could benefit from even a brief discussion with you...

Are you interested?

- Wayne
(Technology teacher)
United Kingdom
HI Gwen

Welcome to the EZ_B forum .

With regards to the wheelchair i would lose the controler and use a sabertooth motor controler instead.
Very easy to use with EZ_B . DJ has added a great control for the sabertooth in EZ_builder.

Welcome and best regards.

If I go with the sabertooth, would I need the 2x60 or would the 2x25 suffice? My robot will be about 250 lbs and the motors are 24 volt motor...

United Kingdom

The 2x25 will do ok .

24 volts ok with sabertooth .