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Asked — Edited

I Am Working On A Wifi And Wired Network Design

I am designing a circuit to use both WIFI and wired network
i found a WIFI board that has network signals (I/O) that are called PH ,2 FOR transmitting and 2 for receiving and needs a special RJ45 with a isolated transformer and tiny circuit (a few resistors)
one main reason for me is i have a few freshwater tanks and saltwater tanks and gecko cage plus lemur cage i am using a EZB for each one and i computer controlling all of them,also using network makes it easy to add other designs ,like alarm systems and more

WIFI is not really great (RFI) and other problems,bluetooth is range problem ,plus RFI

So i guess in 3 weeks i will have the rest of the parts in from CHINA


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UPdate i got all my parts in and will be posting my design and circuit in a week or less

There is a second part looking at adding bluetooth to WIFI board,one very good reason,if WIFI stops for any reason it will automatic switch to bluetooth