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How To Pwer A Ez Camera From A Power Source

all you need is usb type a female breakout board and a 5 volt source,plus usb charging cable that comes with the camera
here is a link to usb breakuot board for $6.95 ic shipping

usb breakout board

first link is usb 3.0

usb 2.0 breakout board

this is the one i bought ,other dont know if will work on usb 2.0 type A USB MALE
and its little cheaper at $6.58


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oh!!!!!!!! so no need to disconnect it and charge it for use again this way it stays in all the time.... GOTCHA!!!

can i bother you for some pics......
I tossed the battery and run the camera off the EZ-B. Just like the video. Soooooo much simpler.
but wait, in the video i think Sures keeps the battery in right?

Bookmaker so you dint have to charge the battery? and you didnt use the boards in the opening post?
yes if you want to open the case is little hard,done that on one camera i got
other didnt want to open case for my create project
so not really simple to open the camera and remove the battery

there is 2 ways to do it one is remove the back of camera thats glued in ,need a really good screw driver to pry it out and then un- solder the battery
other is make a cable using breakout out board or can cut the cable very simple and red and black wire to 5 volt supply
so really depends on how you are using the camera in your design
i have mine on a pan and tilt design just remove the bottom plate and add my plate without opening the camera,that might get ruined,
but on another camera i need to open the case to fit inside my robot ,so i did open it and removed the battery
ok so even if i want to follow Sures Video i will have to un solder the battery?

i want to make sure i got it straight...
I Do want to open the camera.

If follow Sures video, i will keep the camera battery and have to charge it every time the batteyr dies, correct?

or i can use the boards in the opening post, un solder the battery,so it can get power from the ezb. correct?

or am i lost?
If you can get inside you can control the on-off with the EZ-B directly as in the video.
Brilliant, i was wondering what the digital port he uses int he video is for.
if you dont want to open the camera you use the boards or cut the cable to charge the battery

if you want to try to open the camera and remove the battery you dont need the board or cable
im so sorry, im still a little lost....

my goal here is to remove the camera from case...cut the USB cord and a servo extension cord and solder them just like in sures video(power, ground and white cable for signal)

i was hoping this would power/charge the battery so i dont have to charge the camera on its own...
or would this still require me to charge the camera battery on its own?

if i use the boards in the opening post will this require the removal of the battery? or not?

is the purpose of the boards in the opening post to keep the battery and recharge it?

man im lost...
there is no usb cable you need to cut,if you remove the case there is only the battery you need to remove and attach to wires to go to your board,can use battery for another project or toss it
there is no signal wire that is for the servo

the camera is wireless it use bluetooth

try to understand the begining of the post its only for if you DONT WANT TO OPEN the camera case ONLY
ok gotcha,since i do want to open the camera this does not apply to me.

but.....the usb cable i meant is the power cable that comes with the camera...Sures cuts off the usb part of it and uses the red and black cables to connect to a servo extension cables....then the white cable from the servo cable he uses to solder on to the camera it self....

then plugs the end of that extension cable to the ezb.....

does this charge the battery?
hahahahaha ok cool, so i will follow the video to the t, and i will be good to go.....

Dude thanks for your time...i really appreciate it.

you made a dumbass in california very happy about his purchases.
one reason i dont like to cut the usb cable,most have very thin wires and they break very easy
so thats why made it easy just to use a breakout board no cable to cut
I did just like the video leaving the battery connected however it (the battery) caused problems. The camera wouldn't turn off because the battery was supplying power. Then once the battery went dead the camera wouldn't go on until it was charged. Some act this way and some have reported better results. I came to the conclusion that I was better off without the battery and once disconnected it worked like a charm. Just my experience.
BOOKMAKER - hello and thanks for your help.

So you did exactly like the sures video.....except you removed the battery? did you do anything diff.since you removed the battery...
i found the same thing ,why i removed the battery too
but on create camera i left the case on i used a mosfet to turn power on from usb cable and didnt have any problems
mostly batteries dont go bad unless the lose a charge or not charged,i think because DJ hok up the to a digital pin the battery on your died
you need to turn off the camera from a mosfet,it needs the switch removed
so if book maker would have used the digital port to turn it off , the battery would not have died?

if i have to remove the battery for reasons listed above, can i still wire the camera the way DJ Sures does in his video?
I did use a digital port (just like the video) but the command from the port would not turn off the camera because the battery was supplying power even after the signal from the digital port was received to turn it off. Just do exactly like the video and cut the battery wire.
will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!