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Asked — Edited

Help With Cloning Wall-E Remote

I finally found a used Ultimte Wall-e but he his missing the remote. I wrote Thinkaway, but they no longer have replacements. My only hope is finding another Wall-e owner! My plan, if it will work, even if somewhat clumsily, is to purchase a learning remote and have someone clone his commands from an original remote into the learning remote. If someone will be kind as to help me, I will mail the learning remote to them (with return packaging and postage included). I'll also be will to Paypal them a few dollars for their time in jotting down the corresponding button assignment. I will be eternally grafeful to anyone who can help me, as Im saddened to see Walle sitting here only half "alive!" if you think you can help me, please pm or email me. I'm in California. Thanks very much! Brad

Gee, there seem to be no message boxes here. You can email me at:



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so i have an uktimate wall e that im ez modding...id ont see a use for the remote....

wanna buy it?
Hey, Hollagen, are you around? You'd be doing me (and my son) a great favor if I can get that remote. I set that email address up just to find the remote, so you can write me there. Thanks again, Brad
Yeah man. So sorry work is crazy right now.

Do me a favor email me. ILL HIT you up tonight.


Glad to hear I'm helping out a dude and his kid.
Just replayed to your email. Hit me.up I'm drunk so ill reply. Saturday and Sunday are playoffs.

Hopefully we can agree and I can ship out Monday.
Pleas confirm you have an ultimate and not a u command.

My remote is white with two Joyce sticks.

alright all email you tonight. sorry for the delays.
I just wanted to add here that I purchased an Ultimate Wall-e from hoolagen1 and he was a great person to deal with. Great communication, speedy shipping and fantastic packing. If you're thinking about doing business with him, rest assured he is a trust-worthy guy to do business with. Thanks again!