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Gyro-Sensor Compatibility For Ez-Robot?

Recently as part of my humanoid robot project, I want to use some gyro sensors to balance the robot's body.Is it possible to use a program within the EZ-Robot software so I can use them besides accelerometers and such?


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@RoboticsMaster I apologize that no one responded to you last year, that's our bad.
@hoolagen1 Thanks for bumping it!:)

Most Gyro sensors these days communicate via I2C and while there isn't an officially supported module you can still add your own using the ARC I2C commands. I would recommend using a 5V based gyro but if you can't find one you could snip off the two 4.7Kohm I2C pullup resistors on the EZ-Bv3 and use a 3.3V based one (that has pullups on the 3.3V side).
Hey thanks man.

I just started getting into a Darwin-op. And a gyro is necessary.

Thanks again.