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Found A Nice Small Table Saw For Cutting Plastics

i bought one large table saw with a special cutting blade for cutting plastics,blade a little high cost ,but does a super job

but my little bench table saw does a fair good too
this little 4 inch cutter so small and cute and very low cost $35
got it in about a week ago

4 "mighty mite table saw

User-inserted image

part of a very large list of machine tools i bought already


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small saw is great for small width plastics,this week will try it out

on the big table saw for cutting large pieces you should have special cutting blade like the one i got for about $170 call a NO MELT plastic cutting blade
i decided not go with the wetsaw with a chiller or cold water,very messy and need more room ,plus not made for large sheet unless you add another piece of aluminium table on top
HEAT melts plastics