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Floor Map. What's For ?

hi guys.
I experimented floor maps. All they seem to do is creating .jpg files with a line showing the path the robot has gone. What might be the use of such images ?
I need some way to store the path and make the robot rehiterate it in an an automatic way , else than writing a detailed script with a long list like this : forward, sleep(1000), left, sleep(1500), right, etc.etc. and finding each parameter experimentally.


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I think as it is now it only draws a line of the path of your robot.

What I can say is that indeed yours is a great idea

The movement record feature would be a better way to achieve this, (in my opinion)

It's name is recorder. You can record movements and play them back. I think it is a good starting point. Once you have the info saved there is a lot of things you can do with it