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Finding A Ez-B3


Are Ez-b3's still for sale? or just on e-bay, or garage sales?


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The EZB(3)s are discontinued and no longer manufactured. You are correct that they are still offered in some garage sales and ebay. Once in a while they are offered here by forum members.
I have three of them I was planning selling. If your interested I can let one or all go at a good price. Let me know and we can settle on the right price. My private email is dschyulpius at wi dot rr dot com .
I'm my research is correct the ez-b3 is the only way to use a AR drone V1 right?
No. The EZ-B is not needed at all to use the AR Drone. Just download ARC. It supports the ARDrone 1 and 2 natively. (there is one user rwporting problems with the v1 drone, but DJ can not duplicate it, so I suspect something with non-US version of Windows).

Really? the AR drone 1 can connect to infrastructure mode? I need to find the info..
The ARDrone 1 creates an AP, and ARC can connect to it.

The ARDrone 2 can connect to an infrastructure with no password, but ARC doesn't support that mode yet (always assumes the drone is ip

So you can't currently connect to an ARDrone and an EZ-B with the same ARC session (or even the same computer unless you have 2 wifi nic)

Yeah, I got it connected in AdHoc mode with my Surface Pro.. It worked fine, I was also able to put into Infrastructure mode and connect it to my home wifi via Telnet and changing the ifconfig settings and turning off DHCP Service.., but as you mentioned ARC isn't ready for that setup yet..