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Feeding The Fish

This one was written before I was the awesome automatic EZ-B fish feeder @Jstarne

It needs the Confirmation script I posted earlier in the forum.

#______________________________________________________ #init $Requests=0 $Response=0

Say("Have you fed your fish today?") ControlCommand( "Script Manager", ScriptStartwait, "Confirmation" ) :start if ($Response="Yes") goto (affirmative) elseif ($Response="No") goto (Negative) Elseif ($Response="No Response") goto(no_user) Endif Halt()

:affirmative say("Well done, your fish must be feeling better.") $fishfed=1 Print ("Fishfed=$fishfed") halt()

:negative say("Get with the programme human or would you like me to starve, you, instead?") $fishfed=0 Print ("Fishfed=$fishfed") halt()

:no_user Print("Abandoning action.") Print ("Fishfed=$fishfed") $fishfed=0 halt()


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