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Ezb-Rad Robot Ready For Field Investigating All By Itself

Absolutely thrilled at how easy it is to program the paranormal self-investigating project Rad robot using the EZB-4 system . All I can say is for the small cost of the EZB computer and an old 1990 toy robot bought for a few dollars at a flee market,this is amazing guys! thank you so much for developing this system! i am ready for actual out door investigating at some of the most Haunted locations in Canada ! is there really an after life? I have many doubts but if I start catching evidence this summer at the crazy haunted places I go,it will be thanks to the EZ robot team! any suggestions for the best battery to use that lasts longest? lipo 11.4 volt? 12 volt lead acid wheel chair battery? my battery packs work but a huge effort to charge them all separately all the time to get the good 6 hours needed over nights.Tonight I'm out at this crazy haunted campground,let's see what happens!:D


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Well happy to report that EZB_4 adhoc. Mode worked excellent! I had my doubts that the built in Wi-fi server would actually work at any great distance when you are stuck out in the wilderness with no available wi-fi or no cell network available. It did work great,even ran my cell phone as a remote I.P. Camera! Through the built in EZB Wifi server! I tested both robot and ip cam at incredible long distances around a huge camp ground area with fluid motion at 720p hi def video and only a 1 second delay,good enough to drive the robot by watching the cell phone video on my laptop and Windows EZ software with the joystick addon program.:)


I'm in the RV controlling the robot with laptop and can see the video from robot cell phone cam so I know where to steer robot using the joystick addon in the EZ windows software a separate window is open to show me the Live video feed, 1 second delay only and only the Adhoc EZB WI Fi. No other cell service or Wifi service in this camp ground ,so this is completely amazing the distance robot and video can stream to my laptop! eek


Awesome well done, love the red LED light on it, looks great.


Hey thanks,it sure is a big learning experience once you try to apply a robot for real world investigating on all different terrain it will travel on. The tank tread system is ideal but noticed that uneven and taller grassy areas will need better battery pack.I did get a nice 2 hours driving it around the camp area but indoors on even ground, it can get a good 5 hours. I found out the best way to power this bot was to use separate battery pack for H- Bridge motor controller and this way,the EZB gets another separate battery pack that will allow it to only use power for computing signals and sending Wi-Fi out. Then of course the Ultrasonic has a small battery pack of 4 rechargeable AA batteries that last for days! Then the cell phone for video camera has it's own Lithium ion battery good for all night, The cell phone camera light can be triggered from my laptop on and off to reserve battery. Yep I'm learning so much how to use it applied for investigating.My 2 hobbies ,robotics and paranormal investigating together. Getting it ready for a 200 year old jail investigation which will be in doors all night roaming the jail cells and creepy hallways/ court room and even a cemetery for inmates that were executed there on sight! Creepy fun for me but likely scare the crap out of most people with the jail doors that open and slam shut by them selves! LOL!:D


Wow that's awesome, paranormal investigating will be very interesting.

I 100% believe in it because i had a spirit visit me once when i was young, was a crazy experience but have been a believer ever since, how could i not! : )

Looking forward to hearing more about your project, do you have a youtube link?


Most people won't take the paranormal seriously but I was lucky enough to get in on some high profile investigations that showed me proof of objects moving around, un explained noises, voices caught on recorders that should not be there and seem to be intelligent answering questions...weird and wild stuff. Most of the youtube links are from my youtube channel, I will add my adventures there when ever I complete them and if I find anything interesting to show.


Don't be surprised if your robot suddenly stops with no explanation as to why...let's just say you should add a Touch-Sensor onto your bot.


Ha ha yes, I thought about that too,I bring many extra batteries just in case they die rapidly for no reason and I do have touch sensors on the tablet and cell phone cam also got tilt sensors.


My sister had a bad spirit in a house she lived in years ago. In that house she had 2 mis-carriages...after she left that house she had 2 children with no problems.

One night at her house i was the last to leave, lets just say its like the spirit in that house had thrown a rope around me and i couldn't take another step and i was only 2 meters from the front door, it was a very creepy experience, i was frozen there for maybe around 60 secs, not until i willed it in my mind to let me go it finally let me go and it was like the rope was cut i was almost against the front door...crazy huh?


Yes this phenomenon is well known to happen, with me, last summer I was with a group of psychic mediums and we were exploring a 100 year old Farm property and in the old barn out back ,they did the circle seance thing ,that I did not believe they could contact any one "dead" As I was laughing at them something banged the back of my chair as proof it was there...freaked me out. confused I am a more skeptic person and always looking for scientific proofs.


Well the Shamans can communicate with the spirits, it's totally possible. : )

At least it banged your chair and didn't grab you! : )


Oh the first ghost i mentioned before was from a 100yr old hotel my aunty and uncle used to run many years ago, i was 9 years old when i saw the spirit there.

Now the spirit was a lady who hung herself out on the balcony of her room, her room was Room #7.

The room my sister and i were in that night was on the other side of the hotel, the hotel was huge.

When i woke up that night, turned over and saw the spirit, i remember seeing it, she was simply looking at me from the doorway.

When i woke the next morning i was no longer in my room, i was on the other side in Room #7, and not a single crease in the bed blankets, it was like i was tucked in and an iron was used to smooth out any creases.

So i basically slept walked with this spirit out of my room, down a very long passage way, down a flight of stairs, up another flight of stairs, and then across a large landing to #7.

Was a very kind spirit and it's something i'll never forget.


I have my own theory that ghosts are not actually dead people but they seem to enjoy living in comfort of older homes because the space occupied in old houses had many people there previously, so sometimes we can see them as they were alive 100 years ago just living their usual life. It has to do with Time perception in our brains since,I believe Time is not a real physical force but it is a natural clock we all have in our brain.I think that our electronic recorders and devices prove that people that once stood in the same spot you stand in can interact with us today! So my goal is to find out if they are really dead or still alive in an older "" Time "".


Ah Time Perception. : )

Well i believe we never really die, our bodies die of course, but yeah we don't actually cease to exist, we basically move on.

Really looking forward to seeing your progress Robo rad, such an interesting project.