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Ezb/Project Biped Hybrid &Amp; 3D Printing

Hi Everyone, First real post! Couple different topics

I was wondering if anyone is aware of Project Biped ( Just discovered this today. Seems like this project has made some awesome advancements with leg design and movement . Self stabalizing being the most impressive. Its a great open source project. I am very interested in bringing in aspects of the ROFI bot from this project and integrating those aspects into a ezb controlled robot. Mainly the leg design and some of the code that has been written for the ROFI, self stabalizing and the leg movement its self. I basically want to slap the top of JD and the bottom of ROFI together.

I wanted to throw out there to see what everyone thought. I am backing a project called peachy printer. Basically its a $100 3d printer/scanner with some amazing capabilities. It can print with with three different resins: hard soft and rubbery. My plan is to eventually create rubber skins for my robot that will protect it from falls, add durability and allow for visual custimization. imagine the fall protection capabilities of the new NAO robot cuppled with soft rubber arm bumpers, or custimizable head skins for the JD head!

Is it possible to use the EZ-B 4 with non ezb hardware such as third party servos?

Any thoughts about anything mention above?

Thanks for your insight!


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Yes, you can use most servos and a lot of sensors with the EZB. They used to just really only make the EZB Boards, the servos were actually Futaba standard servos I think and I can't remember what the V4 ones are going to be. But most of the parts people are using, like sensors, servos, and body parts are "3rd party".

They just started making the EZ-Bits recently and we're still all waiting to get them because they had to find a bigger manufacturing facility to meet the demand for them.

I REEE-EEEEALY want to know more about a $100 3d Printer. eek

I haven't looked at Project Biped but I'm on my way there now. Thanks.

Oh, and Welcome aboard. ;)

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Thanks for the info!

Let me know what you think about Projet Biped. ROFI is an awesome bot.

As for the $100 3D printer ( It is a runaway kickstarted program. WAY over funded. They have thousands of backorders to clear out before they go on sale from there website. BUT, if you send them an inquiry on there site about there "backerkit" you might get an invite to get a printer before they go on sale officially, HINT HINT. Its what I did :D


Thank you for the info. I look forward to seeing you around. :)


I like that bot! May have to make this a second project.