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Ezb Windows Software

I saw there is a 2017-3-20 new release of ezb software, but it requires win 8-1 or more. I use with my robots an old pc with win 7 and an old release of ezb software. Will the win 8-1 version work for me ? Can I get somewhere the last release available for win 7 ?


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Current EZ-B will currently still work in Windows 7, but functionality is not guaranteed (if you have a bug, you need to upgrade window to get EZ-R support). Eventually as Microsoft stops updating dotnet for Windows 7 and ARC uses new functionality, it will stop working.

Note, unless you are paying Microsoft for extended support, you are already not receiving security updates, so every time you connect your computer to the Internet you are taking a risk.

Windows 10 runs very well on most hardware that can run Windows 7, with the exception of drivers for some very old peripherals, it is likely you can upgrade and have fine performance (windows 10 improved performance on all of my Windows 7 machines including some old and low spec machines)


OK. Downloading and installing the 2017/3/20 release in my win 7 will work ? ( apart from bugs and support ) .