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Ezb V4 Short Circuit

I have a problem with my EZB. Its connected to a JD-head. That means 2 servos, rgb Eyes and camera. Powered with a 2cell lipo with a 2 Amp fuse inline.

I had the EZB powered up and programming, shut it down to eat dinner. When I got back i plugged it in again but it didnt boot, 10 seconds later the 2 amp fuse was blown. I unplugged everyting from the EZB then tried plugging the battery back in with a new fuse. This time it blew directly when the plug was inserted in the base. Took the EZB from the base and checked it with my DMM. Shorted between the powerpins. What could be wrong with it? I suspect the voltage regulator, or is there any other component that could fail and short the powerrail ?


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Maybe the problem is found. I opened the case for the EZB and on the bottom of the board it looks like it was repaired before. Some solderingpoints looks handmade and there was a tiny soldering blob on one of the analog pins. This was shorting the pins when pushing down on the boards. I took pictures then removed it. But the board is still shorted. I Think this killed the stepdown regulator. Can I remove the regulator and power the board via 3.3v pads using an external regulator?




Send me a message through our Contact Us page under product warranty. I'll sort your problem out with you. I may be able to warranty your EZ-Bv4.

Thanks, James