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Ezb Camera & Orientation Sensor

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask a couple of quick questions.:)

Does the old EZB camera from the earlier development kits not work with the EZB4?
Before i did the comm upgrade the camera worked fine.
After the comm upgrade the camera no longer powers up, no lights show but it heats up to very hot.

I have a new camera which i de-cased for my project and it works great.

I have a new Lol Tiny for my girlfriends robot, and the new camera was for that one, so ive taken hers for my robot. She wasn't too impressed because she really wants her robot now.:P

I have a few 4-1 Orientation Sensors that arrived yesterday.
Just wanted to ask where would be the best place to install it?
Do they have to be mounted in a certain way, etc?
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EDIT-Just saw this video of where DJ has the sensor in JD, question answered right there.:D


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Does the old EZB camera from the earlier development kits not work with the EZB4?

Yes, it does. I would say the camera has gone bad.


No worries thanks, i had only used that camera once before i did the comm upgrade.
To say im impressed with ez-robots servce would be the biggest understatement of 2017...;)
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Thank you


Your awesome amigo thanks so much.