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Ez_B Ai For Robots Question

Hi DJ, this question is mainly directed at you.

All the talk of Artificial Intelligence in our Robots via ARC is great. I use the personality generator and it really gives the illusion Bobs up to something. I'm quite excited about extending this and was wondering how far away the next extension of this is via the ARC version update.

Also, to everyone out there regarding this wonderful area of AI and robots, it is a very complex area with no quick answers - regardless of what system you've seen out there.

Basically as scientist, Michio Kaku stated quite recently,"Robots even now have the actual intelligence of a cockroach and a very dumb cockroach at that". The EZ-Robot system from what I have seen is keeping up with it all as best it can. Whilst the idea is great, the time when you will be having an argument with your robot about doing the dishes is still a long, long way off. I'm much more interested in the practicable side. I'm presently much more interested in how to get my robot from A to B and back autonomously.

Cheers;) :)


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