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Ez-Robot To Control Robugtix T8x Robot Spider

I have zero experience in robotics.

With that said up front, I've been gradually reading what I can online ever since I ordered a Robugtix T8X robot spider over a year ago. It will be arriving in a couple weeks.

The T8X is controlled via WiFi from a smart phone or tablet, with no option to use a physical Robugtix Controller.

My question is whether or not EZ-Robot can be used to control the Robugtix T8X robot spider with a physical remote. I am especially interested in the use of the EZ-Robot camera for tracking facial and color recognition.

Any insight or direction would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Cody I googled your robot and it seems that there are commands that can be sent over one of the three serial ports on the EZB(4) to communicate with the T8X.

You would need room to mount the EZB(4) and its camera on your bot.


Thanks very much for your reply! I'm looking forward to having the robot in hand and up close to show images of the it's circuit board and hopefully have a conversation on how to attempt this.


Cody you can get ahead of the game and go ahead and download the free software program and get familiar with using the different tools to interface with your robot before it arrives.


Thanks for the suggestion, Doc. That's a great idea.


That's a creepy little spider. As Robot-Doc said you will need to mount the EZB on the spider somehow and interface it into the spider's circuit board. EZB is small and may fit on top of T8X's circuit board but it's going to ruin the look of the spider. Your going to have to cut away T8X's skin to mount EZB and somehow reattach the skin and extend it down to cover EZB. EZB is about 1" tall (plus the height of the connector plugs) so if you can do all this he's going to really look humpbacked. Kinda like a double decker bus. Your also best off using EZ Robot's camera for the tracking you want to do. You'll need to fit that in there behind the eye somehow. Looks like a fun and challenging project. Good luck and have fun! Please keep us posted. :)


Thanks for the input, Dave!