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Ez-Robot Rating

there should be a place where people can rate ez-robot with stars i would give it a 5:)


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Honestly, I would also give it 5 :) and a big recommendation. When you get to the stage of having a robot that can play music to you when you want it, give weather reports, motor through the house all through a relatively simple process - you have to say wow. I still think there is a long way to go improving the GUI and better formulation of scripts - yes I have been critical at times but at it's young age this is one of the best systems out there for the average kid or adult to grasp. I really like the fact you can evolve to bigger projects, bigger robots and achieve results like some of the major players without the drag of complex code and expensive parts. The toy development is great to reach people interested in robotics and I wish to also help promote the functional part of robotics - You start your robot journey on the EZ-B system with a fun toy hack - you learn how to put it together and it wobbles around with its ping detector going - then as you get better and learn more you can have a fully operational house bot that can do all kinds of practical things. The fun and learning never stops.:) :) :) :) :)
yea ill try to spread the word of ez-robot when im able to DJ Sures has done a pretty good job developing ez-robot:)