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Ez-Robot And The Inverted Pendulum

Hello all! I have been haunting this board and the website for quite a while, and I was hoping users and EZ-Robot staff might be able to shed light on this question: Can the EZ-B 4.2 support the control of Inverted Pendulum Robots, and is there any specific hardware that EZ-Robot sells to aid in this development? I am in the process of designing a robot, and was hoping to use the EZ-B instead of an Arduino product for control of movement and WiFi access, but everything I have read here on the forum and the website seems as clear as mud to me. I have found pages that show an Inverted Pendulum Sensor (IMU), but every product on this site shows a delivery time of 5 weeks...forever. If you have personally built an IP robot using ARC and EZ-B could you take a minute and post any info you can on this thread? I'm hoping DJ might chime in here as well. I fully understand that any use of the hardware and software will need tweeking for each and every design.

Warmest regards, Christian


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