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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Ez-B V3.1A With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Hello, all.
I have a question to the "veterans" (EZ-B ver 3.1a):
some of you can to connect EZ-B ver 3.1a to UART Wi-Fi module?
Your response is very important to me.
Because if can not install the UART Wi-Fi module on my old version of the robot,
I'll order a new version 4.
Thank you for attention!


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I would upgrade. A few of us tried converting with limited success. We could connect, but the performance was very poor.

Thanks a lot, Alan, for your answer!
It's clarify my situation.
I'll order a new EZ-B V4 model with camera.
BT connection compound severely limits the possibility of my robot, plus the constant disconnections of communication (the distance was exceeded).
This was the only one drawback of the EZ-B version 3.

Best Regards,
The V3 also was prone to brownouts when running many servos due to the 5v power regulator. In fact, we think the issue with the WiFi conversions may have been an amperage limit on the 3.3v regulator.

I don't know if EZ-Robot is still offering the v3 buyback, or if it would be worth it after shipping costs from Israel, but you should use the Contact Us form to see if they are still offering it. Would save you a little on buying a V4 and camera.

I have already made an order.
My V3 will serve me for any more experiments...
I wish you all the best, Alan!