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Ez-B Connect To The 4 Channel Motor Control Unit For Rover 5


I have bought a rover 5 4 motor with encoder and the 4 motor driver Board.

I have watch the video from DJ Sure with the HBridge (L298N) but I can figure how to connect the 4 motor driver .

Here is the board :

User-inserted image

any idea of the IN1,2,3,4 and ENA ?
Do I need to connect PVM CH1,CH2,CH3 and CH4 ?

thank you for ypour help.

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i can add a little info what i learned. The PWM pins you could tie all together to start. This will send the speed control to all motors with the same speed. You later can if you need to separate them for more control for speed for each motor. The Dir goes to the triggers on the movement control panel. As far as triggerLeftA or B not sure how to map to controller. I just set them and keep adjusting them in the panel till forward meant forward and so on. I hope this help some.
I have connect all the PVM together on a digital port to the ext power
On each channel I have connect the direction to a different port and it seem to work :-)
@Mika77f can you elaborate on exactly how you connected to ez-b, and how to controle the motor controller from ARC. Thanks