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Ez Lipo Balancer/Charger

since I had quite a severe Lipo battery explosion a few weeks ago that nearly set my place on fire,due to my lack of understanding charging modern battery packs. I have made it my mission to research everything about all battery types Nickel cadium,Nimh high power and Lipo high power. I do have a few older nickel battery packs that I have re charged several times using traditional battery charger and monitor with my test voltage/current meter. My difficulty comes with the newer Nimh recharging battery packs and what is the difference from Nimh to older Nickel cadium battery packs and the newest Lipo. It seems the way each battery type must be recharged ,with a specific method built in to the charger and the amount of Amps that must charge the my research ,the newest Nimh battery packs need to be charged with specific Amps divided like 3000 MAh divided by 1000 would be 3 Amps current to successful re now are the 7.4 and 11.1 Lipo batteries charged the same way but with special built in computer circuits to control the charging? also, the EZ robot store sells a good price Lipo battery balancer/charger and says it can do both 7.4 and 11.1 Lipo but it does not say what is maximum mah battery to be used?EZ Robot sells the 7.4 1500 MAh battery but I am looking at buying a higher power 11.1 5000--6000 MAh or similar Nimh 5000---6000 MAh that I can buy at my Local store(venom 11.1v@3000--6000 MAh) and you guys have the best price for the Lipo balancer charger! If I buy it, would it handle my Venom 11.1 ?


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Found out the info needed,thanks.