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Ez Camera

Just wondering about what can be done with EZ cam as I have viewed some interesting applications where DJ shows off the Face tracking and color tracking using simple scripting in the EZ builder software plug ins.I am on the verge of buying one now but then I saw this interesting phone camera add on that has come down in price for heat /cold detection showing up as blue to red super imposed on your cell phone video (Flir one company).http://www.flir.com/flirone/ios-android/

Still has frame rate and resolution low limits...Thinking the EZ camera is way cheaper,better detail/frame rate and possibly the same application could be added on to EZ builder software? If a heat sensor can be added to the robot and hooked to the EZb controller.Any thoughts ? Been done before? I think asked this question once before but no real answers. The robot ran successfully last summer using only regular light and cell camera tracking a curious blue blob over the spot where a guy burned to death in his mini-van,violent suicide. I want to go back next summer with better tracking on the robot. "Paranormal research". Any new ideas how this could work with EZ cam software?:)


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Hi @Robo Rad

The Flir One includes a combination of regular camera and special thermal imaging camera. I was very interested in picking one of these up at one point but they are expensive. I was actually a Kickstarter backer of the MuThermal Camera that predated the Flir One, but unfortunately that Kickstarter failed and I lost my money...boooo.

While the EZ-Robot Camera v2 can't do thermal imaging you could use a sensor like the Panasonic Grid-eye to get a 8x8 pixel array of temperatures and create a plug-in to overlay that onto the camera image in ARC.

The EZ-Robot camera + grid-eye would be the more affordable option and you would have the ability to read all the data with ARC. Otherwise, it's going to be over $200 for a thermal imaging camera that can only get the data as far as your phone display.
Panasonic Grid eye,yes that sounds like what I am looking for,thanks for the quick response Jer!:D