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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Ez Builder Can't Connect To Revolution Jd

I'm running EZ Builder version 2016.08.29.00, trying to talk to a Revolution JD, from Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. It's been a year since I used the JD, but it worked fine at the time.

My wi-fi finds and connects to the unit as an access point. But EZ Builder will not connect to it. The IP address is correct ( and I reset the robot just to be sure. From a CMD prompt I can ping it. EZ Builder displays a live feed through the camera. If I connect to it through my browser then the diagnostics display will play each sound when I click. I can also use the diagnostics to reboot the robot and to send all servos to 90 degrees.

Anything that uses a Play or Execute button, such as the eyes, soundboard or servos will not run. It's in this weird semi-connected mode.

I turned Firewall off but that did not help. I've rebooted the JD and my PC several times. This is a recent upgrade to this EZ Builder version. I upgraded because my previous version from a year ago exhibited the same problems.

Any immediate help is appreciated. I'm using this JD to teach at a summer camp, so the useful window is only a few days.



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I've determined that the JD is fine and that the problem is in my PC.

1) My ARC version did not match the version as stated on the website which is weird but not the problem. I uninstalled and re-installed and now the version number matches.

2) I installed ARC on another Win 7 machine and it connects.

Any idea why ARC on my PC can't connect? Just to reiterate - my WiFi connects to the JD access point. I can ping it. I can play sounds and send the joints to 90 deg. through the Diagnostics if I connect through my browser. But ARC won't connect. My anti-virus is disabled and my firewall is OFF.
Sorry Alan, it's not an issue with the adapter. There is no need to get a new network adapter.

The wifi connection is established and the tcp dhcp address has been negotiated. You can view the camera and receive icmp (ping) feedback.

I have two ideas...

1) It appears something is blocking port 23 even though the firewall and anti virus is disabled. I would assume there is a network program running that is still blocking access to remote host to port 23

2) this is a silly one, but can you verify that the address in the connection box is valid in ARC? The camera feed is working, so the address must be correct. However, check that the port is correct for the connection address. The connection address should read for AP mode

I am leaning toward #1. In this case, please submit a complete diagnostic report: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=220


Sorry Alan, it's not an issue with the adapter. There is no need to get a new network adapter.

Helps if I read the entire post.... :(

I suspected that the port is blocked but could not find anything to confirm it. A diagnostic report was sent. Thanks for the help so far.

I see avast is installed - I do not use virus software or firewalls, so I'm not certain how to disable to the firewall on avast. Maybe someone can assist to ensure that it is truly disabled.
It's definitely my Avast AV. I had disabled it from my WiFi properties but it looks like that doesn't totally disable it. I went through the various protection tools of Avast, disabling each tool one by one until I found the one that is blocking port 23. It's the WebShield. When I disable it, ARC can connect to the JD, even with all other protection tools enabled.

I went through the various settings of the WebShield and none of them let me get to the ports to unblock 23. Does anyone have experience with Avast to direct me? It's Avast Internet Security, version 11.2.2262.

If the answer is to turn off the WebShield then I'll do that as needed when I'm using ARC. But I would rather find the specific setting that is blocking if I can.

Thanks everyone. I got the ARC executable into the Avast exclusions and all is good now.