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Extending The Exec &Amp; Browser Commands

DJ Sures, the Browser & Exec commands are awesome ...

I can use it to have the house system launch an email or make a skype call... etc. or tell Lawrence (My version of Ironman's Jarvis) to start a word document as I walk in the door and have it open ready to type by the time I sit at my desk.

Can I make a suggestion that would open up some further possibilities...?

These two commands are specific to the computer that is running the EZ-B application. From what I can gather about connectivity at the moment, the master EZ-B will be the PC that runs the command and not necessarily the PC nearest to me that hears the command. (I am assuming that there is more than one computer in the house ... a robot and a master computer and even a media centre in the lounge... and they are not connected to the same PC via Bluetooth but are connected via the TCP/IP)

Here's my suggestion ---- why not extend the command interface to include specifying on which PC the ARC software runs these commands?

Eg. 0.brower (skype:allen.wayne.carroll) could be used to tell the media centre computer in the lounge connected to 0.EZ-B to place a skype call... while
2.exec (c:\windows\notepad.exe) would launch the notepad application on the office PC connected to 2.EZ-B

See what I'm getting at?

With the advent of small PC's like the Raspberry Pi we will all eventually want to throw one into our robots or have intelligent systems in various rooms of our houses, workshops, offices, etc... and being able to stipulate which PC runs the command via the IP interface opens up a number of doors

Just think... you could tell your house computer to skype you when there is a break in and send photos to your work computer. Then from your work several miles away using ARC voice command the robot to chase the burglur around the house... lol.

Your thought?


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