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E-Builder Speach Recognition Windows 7 - Failures

I discovered with the help of others at the forum that WINDOWS 7 needs to have the same Region English as that of the ARC - Being English (U.S). The immediate indicator of this is the error code" Voice recognition was not able to start. There is either no listening device or the your operating system is not supported", : Since matching regions with the win 7 speach recognition and ARC - the bug has gone but I'm still not getting any robot response through the ARC SR. If anyone has any clues as to why there is till no response I would be most greatfull.




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South Africa

Hazbot, I also just done that, changing to US English. But then I also changed the "confidence value" to 0.90 That is now within the configuration of ARC. I also disabled a tick in the windows 7 speech recognition. If it was disabling speech recognition, I would still don't know. Also, my laptop internal speaker is set to 0.0db and array from 0 to 79 did not make a real difference? I then restarted windows and I got the speech recognition sample "auto connect" to work. But then, there is definitely a sort of control needed regarding my voice. I had to speak softer and more gentle... After a few attempts of trying to control my voice , it worked fine. Annoying bluntly said. Also very funny to listen to myself when trying to control my voice/speech.:) It took me hours and hours of reading other posts and trying to get it working may be three times, but not in a row! But for some reason, I think I have accomplished something :)